Ice Cream Carts / Freezers

Mi Kompader is your all-inclusive ice cream service provider that caters delicious ice cream for parties and occasions including corporate events, schools, weddings, birthday parties and more. We deliver high quality ice cream brands and always strive to provide unprecedented service. This ice cream service includes ice cream cart rentals, storage freezer box rentals and high quality ice cream deliveries.

Ice Cream Cart Rentals

If you are organizing an event or a party and you are worried about how to keep the ice cream at cold temperature, have no fear. Mi Kompader has a great selection of ice cream carts available, to suit your needs and occasion. An ice cream cart can help bring excitement to all events and are enjoyed by people of all ages.

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Ice Cream Retail Freezer

Our ice cream freezers are ideal for any kind of retail store or establishments such as cafes, restaurants and shops to display our different type of ice cream flavors.

You can merchandise the different ice cream options to your customer, whilst keeping them in a hygienic and practical unit. Add a sweet touch to your business or next event with a fully stocked ice cream freezer of Mi Kompader.

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